Just launched the ABC 128 is our newest Xaar head printer, this 18mm oil and solvent printer can print onto most substrates and is used extensively for printing onto pipe, carpet tiles, timber and outer cases but can just as easily print onto glass.

The technology means that it is one of the few styles of printer that allows you to use different colour of inks including pigmented white and yellow with ease. The ABC 128 and all future systems launched under the ABC brand are designed to be used directly from any windows programme using a standard windows driver which means integration into a current system including SAP should be straight forward.

ABC Ruk128

Inkjet Printer



  • Operates from any Windows™ PC or laptop using a standard USB cable
  • 18mm and 54mm print-head versions
  • Print from any Windows™ software – Excel, Photoshop etc. – including specialist labelling software.
  • Disconnect the USB cable to leave the printer printing the same image indefinitely
  • 100mL quick-change ink cartridges

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